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About us

Since 1995 inno-plan GmbH and its sister companies inno-kom GmbH and inno-projekt GmbH have been your engineering partner for technological product development and product optimisation, from the first idea through the concept phase to prototypes and support in launching a product series. In addition, our experienced staff supports you and your company in your operational business to lighten your workload. Our specialists work both out of our extensively equipped technical offices and, if requested, on site supplementing your project team in order to bridge capacity bottlenecks or provide new, innovative impulses.

Our business success to date - and your future business success - require comprehensive foresight. Successful businesses cannot afford to wear blinkers. Our diverse industry know-how in the sectors Automotive, Household appliances, Medical technology, Machine engineering, Furniture supply, Electrical industry, Packaging technology and Aviation ensures that our work is always forward-looking and we never lose sight of the essentials.

The brand inno-plan represents efficient project implementation together with an uncomplicated execution. Our experiences enables us to rapidly familiarise ourselves with your internal processes, making effective and efficient support possible.

Legally precise contracts (labour leasing, service and employment contracts) give both parties reassurance through absolute legal security.



A wide, intersectoral field of vision permits the lateral thinking we use to turn your requirements and visions into the ideal ideas and concepts.

Even early in the project phase we emphasise the technical and economic feasibility of our solutions in order to secure you a competitive advantage later on.

Specification sheets
Cost overviews
Implementation schedules
Solution strategies
Sketches and/or 3D models
Animations/DMU technologies
Customised presentations


With our portfolio of engineers and technicians trained in different specialities and with the experience of many years of working in development in various industrial sectors, we can provide you with consistent support where innovative development services are concerned.

Creation of native CAD data based on CATIA V5/V6, NX, CREO, SolidWorks, Inventor
Product development/designs
Packaging/analysis of available space
Product specifications and documentation
Design and process FMEA
Data validation, conversion & management
Product support


For cost and time reasons, simulations using various FEM tools have become a standard requirement for component development.

Theoretical analyses and inspections are part of inno-plans core competencies. In us you will find competent contact partners for tolerance studies, linear and non-linear calculations and numerous different simulations (Moldflow, drawing behaviour in sheet metal forming).

Kinematic and kinetic analyses of multi-body systems
Processing of data of all commonly used CAD systems using a direct or standard interface
Cross-linking using solid and shell structures of CAD models
Creation of input data for commonly used implicit and explicit FEM solvers
Linear FEM calculations; structural analyses, modal analyses, harmonic frequency analyses
Non-linear FEM calculations; analyses with non-linear material behaviour, e.g. for plastics, contact calculations, buckling calculation, service life calculation
Structural optimisation
Tolerance studies
Method planning and drawing simulations for sheet metal forming
Moldflow simulations


The implementation of preventive quality and safety management methods ensures innovative companies an early economic and technical risk assessment in all phases of the product development process, beginning with the concept stage through to series production.

For years, we have been supporting companies in a wide variety of industries, both in the basic introduction and training of proven QM methods, as well as in the implementation of clearly defined projects.

Failure mode and influence analyzes (system, design and process FMEA)
Value analyzes to record value enhancement and cost reduction potentials
CE risk and hazard analyzes (MRL 2006/42 / EC)
Technical cleanliness analyzes acc. VDA 19
Benchmarking and Innovation Potential Analysis
Failure and reject analyzes


The construction and procurement of all manner of prototypes as a supporting instrument for systematic development is one of the 6 columns of performance in the history of inno-plan. inno-plan GmbH is distinguished by a time-tested and broad network of qualified specialists and suppliers in the fields of tool and die technology, special purpose machine engineering and prototype creation.

We also offer quick in-house creation of small prototypes with a high-quality level.

We can supply you with prototypes for design approvals, installation trials, tests and small batches, e.g. as

Stereolithography models, incl. vacuum casting tools and casts
Laser sintering parts made of different materials
CNC-milled parts (steel, aluminium, plastic, etc.)
Sheet metal items (edge flashings, bent parts, drawn parts)
Hybrid parts
Spray and die casting tools
Bending/punching and forming tools/dies

And for you, all of the above is available from one source.


In the context of its design competency, inno-plan offers various training courses for external and internal staff. These allow specialists to gather insights and be given personal instructions on processes practised by inno-plan users in day-to-day operation.

CAD training courses
Training in plastics / tool and die technology
Kinematics training courses


Automotive industry

Household appliance industry

Electrical industry

Aerospace industry

Medical technology

Machine engineering

Packaging industry / Consumer goods

Furniture industry

Operating equipment

Plastics technology

Agricultural machinery

Information technology


Become a part of the inno-plan!

With a history of over 20 years as an owner-managed company inno-plan represents an ideal combination of industry know-how, expertise, employee selection/development and enthusiasm for electrotechnical and mechanical design and development.

  • Product development, design and detailing of plastic/sheet metal items and electromechanical assembly groups
  • Creation of specification sheets
  • Idea generation and creation of concept presentations
  • Contribution and evaluation of technical know-how in respective teams
  • Project management and monitoring/reporting of project progress
  • Execution of CAE simulations
  • FMEA
  • CAD experience with the systems CATIA V5/V6 and/or NX is required

Successfully completed degree course or training as a technician, ideally in the areas of product development or mechatronics with substantial expertise in the following areas

  • Product design
  • Plastics processing/die casting technology
  • Project management

A structured way of working and great communicative abilities to convey complex technical explanations.

  • Skills in MS Office
  • Good spoken and written command of English

In addition to your professional qualification, we expect social skills of a team player and good communicator. Process-oriented thinking, the ability to work independently and full identification with your tasks are crucial.

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